Our nursery is a vital ministry that provides childcare for organizations within the church building.  This gives parents the opportunity to grow closer to Christ through Worship, Bible Study, board meetings, and Sunday school, while knowing their children are being cared fore in a Christian environment.  The nursery also gives children the opportunity to grow closer to Christ by being cared for by loving, nurturing care providers.

Philosophy:  We believe all children are a gift from God, and it is a privilege to be entrusted with their care.  Our goal is to assist in developing faith in the youngest members of our congregation.

About our Caregivers:  Our caregivers are Christian and have been trained on policy and procedure.  Each paid caregiver has been background checked by the Illinois State Highway Patrol.  All volunteers have been background checked by Division of Children and Family Services. For the safety of our children, at least two caregivers will be present in the nursery at all times.  The caregivers will work to build a relationship and earn the trust of each child, learn individual needs, and understand and implement room procedures and routines

Eligibility:  The nursery is available during Sunday morning and weeknight worship services.  It may be used weekday evenings for scheduled church events by reservation for infants through age 11.  Three children are required for care to be provided. This service is provided at no cost, however free will offerings are accepted to defray the cost of providing evening care.

Arrival & Departure:  Arrival and departure to and from the nursery can confusing and frightening or a child.  To ease the transition, a caregiver will greet each child upon entering the room.  Parents must sign their children in and out using the form provided.  A plastic tag with a number will be assigned to each parent on a bracelet.  This number will also correspond to the appropriate pager. A matching tag will be clipped to the child’s diaper bag. The parent should record the tag number on the sign in sheet.  A nametag will be placed on your child’s back using a label sticker or masking tape.  If your child has allergies, a green sticker should be on this label for easy visual identification.  All children’s belongings should be labeled with first and last name to avoid confusion.  Parents are encouraged to leave comfort items with their child and to communicate with the caregiver any special concerns.  Before departing, parents are asked to return their half of the numbered tag to be matched to their child’s.  All children will be only accepted from and released to parents unless written authorization is received stating otherwise.

 Reservation Policy:  Reservations are not necessary for Sunday morning or weeknight worship services.  All other church events need to be scheduled through the Nursery Manager two weeks in advance if possible to ensure adequate staffing.  Three children are required in order for care to be provided.

Health Policy:  To ensure the safety and health of the other children and staff, please refrain from bringing your child if he/she has had any of the following symptoms or known communicable illnesses with the past 48 hours:

A.) Fever

B.) Vomiting or diarrhea

C.) Coughs caused by colds or bronchial infections

D.) Pink eye or eye infections

E.) Head Lice

F.) Contagious Rashes or skin conditions

 If your child has been diagnosed with any of the above listed after receiving care in the nursery, please contact the Nursery manager immediately to ensure adequate cleaning of the nursery to prevent further illnesses.

 Accident Policy:  If a minor accident should occur while your child is in the nursery, an incident report will be filled out.  When the child is picked up, parents will be asked to sign the form.  It will then be copied and one form placed in the parents’ mailbox.  The original will be maintained within the nursery.

Behavioral Guidelines:  For safety of all children, biting, hitting or bodily harm of one child from another will not be permitted.  The caregivers will use appropriate discipline measures (redirection, time out, etc.)  If the problem persists, the parents will be contacted to discuss the possible solutions.

Parent Responsibilities:  Childcare is scheduled to begin 15 minutes prior to the start of a scheduled event and close 15 minutes after the ending time of the event.  Parents must be participating in a Church or Church sponsored event and must remain at Faith Lutheran in accordance with DCFS regulations.  First and Last name must be placed on all cups, pacifiers or any other item brought into the nursery.  Please sign in and out your child, fill out nametag, and take a number & pager prior to leaving.  We are not equipped to provide or serve meals.  A simple snack (plain cheerios, animal crackers or goldfish) may be given with the parent’s approval.  Please respect reservation policies by calling to schedule or cancel care.  Parents are requested to volunteer on a monthly basis in the nursery.

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