“Preparing Space for Grace” Capital Appeal is Underway!

What an exciting time this is at Faith Lutheran!  We’re taking our next crucial step in improving our church home by renovating our sanctuary, adding needed parking, and installing a solar energy system to reduce our utility expenses.  Plus, we’ll literally be laying the groundwork for the day when, in a later phase, we can build an all-new children’s ministry center!

Our “Phase 2” project is only possible through our shared effort in raising the necessary funds, to be achieved through our “Preparing Space for Grace” Capital Appeal.  The Appeal began on  Kick-Off Sunday, April 14, and our financial pledges will be gathered on Commitment Sunday, May 12.

You can read all about Faith’s building project and what it will mean for generations to come by following the links below!

Would you like make your online Pledge to Preparing Space for Grace ? Click here

Would you like to make a one time donation to Preparing Space for Grace? Click here

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