Worship Notes

From Fear to Faith

Fight, flight, or freeze: that’s how our bodies tend to react when we perceive danger. Our heart rate increases, our breathing speeds up, and even our vision changes to take in our surroundings quickly so we can protect ourselves. When Jesus appeared to the disciples on the evening of his resurrection, they seemed to be in the middle of a fight, flight, or freeze response. Their Lord had been crucified. They didn’t know what to do next. When Jesus suddenly stood among them, they froze in shock and fear. Jesus overcame the disciples’ fright by showing his hands and feet and by eating a piece of fish. As they looked at the scars and watched him eat, the truth of his resurrection dawned on them. The disciples’ inclination to fight, flee, or freeze melted away. Once Jesus had brought the disciples back to a calm resting state, he opened their minds to understand how he had accomplished God’s plan to save the world. Jesus told the disciples that now that he was risen, it was their turn to tell his story in Jerusalem and to the ends of the earth. Joy started to flicker in the disciples’ hearts as Jesus freed them from fear. He gave them a purpose: to be his witnesses. They were to free others by sharing the good news that Jesus had died and risen again to forgive their sins and give the gift of eternal life to all who believe. In our world today, many voices spread fear. It’s easy to focus on those voices, feel overwhelmed, and freeze. But Jesus came to free us from fear and to free us for faith. Receiving the bread and wine of his supper reminds us that Jesus lived, died, and rose again for our salvation. We don’t have to be afraid of anything. Holy communion strengthens us to be his witnesses and to do his work in the world so others can be set free by the good news of Jesus’ love. From sundaysandseasons.com. Copyright © 2024 Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved.    

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