Worship Notes

Why Are You Afraid?

We often find ourselves swamped by the storms of life, wind and waves beating into our boat. Perhaps it’s a literal storm like the disciples experienced in today’s gospel reading. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and even brutal blizzards have the power to upend our lives. So, too, do health crises, financial struggles, lost jobs, divorce or other relationship difficulties, the death of loved ones, and so many other situations. Like the disciples, we may become overwhelmed by the storms and angry with God, who appears to be sleeping on the job. “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” is a common prayer in such moments. In response to that prayer, the disciples witnessed a miracle. Jesus stood up, rebuked the storm, and suddenly, all was calm. But how often have you cried out to the Creator only to find that your personal storm rages on? The tests come back with bad news, the bank account remains overdrawn, the relationship ends, death still seems to have the last word. In these moments, it’s easy to doubt: Why hasn’t God stopped my storm? This side of heaven, we likely will never know why God stills some storms and not others. Yet, just as the disciples had Jesus with them in their boat, so do you. They were safe with their Teacher and the same is true for you. The storms may beat against your boat with unimaginable force. But in your baptism, Jesus “climbed into your boat” and promised to be with you forever. You may be holding on for dear life. But truly Jesus is also holding onto you. Though your boat is rocking all over the stormy sea, he is with you, and you are safe. Do not be afraid. From sundaysandseasons.com. Copyright © 2024 Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved.    

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