Planning & Development

Planning our future with Vision and Enthusiasm

Faith’s Planning and Development (P&D) Board is active in developing and modifying long-range plans of the congregation. These foundational plans project a five (5) year period to be coordinated with the annual goals and budget of the congregation. The long-range plans include, but are not restricted to, long-range ministry and growth, property, and financial management. P&D also forecasts the future needs of the congregation and their impact on present church operations.  It focuses on planning and coordinating the agenda and substance of the annual leadership retreat and related activities for the congregational council, and it manages the church leadership mentoring and succession training and education program.  A key role of P&D is leading the annual goals and objectives program for the respective boards and official organizations comprising the leadership team of the church.  The board also manages the emergency and security plan.  And, periodically P&D leads in canvassing the congregation regarding the future path the parishioners believe the church body should focus resources upon, as well as the overall organizational climate of Faith Lutheran Church.

If you are interested in being a part of Faith’s future and want to have an impact on the programs supporting our congregation, contact Steve Frederickson or Bill Souser.

Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Constitution and Bylaws January 2021 as Amended November 2021-Synod Approved



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