Church Leadership and Boards

Faith Lutheran Church is governed by a Church Council composed of an Executive Committee and the Chairpersons or Assistants that represent each Board that serves the congregation.  All members of Church Council are prayerfully nominated and elected by the congregation. The Senior Pastor and the Administrative Coordinator attend both Executive Committee and Church Council Meetings.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the President and Vice President of the Congregation, the Executive Secretary and Treasurer, along with the the Senior Pastor and the Administrative Coordinator.  This group of leaders ensures efficient and effective management of congregational needs.  At their meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, they set the agenda for the upcoming Church Council meetings and address any issues that can be resolved without the entire Council's attention.  If items need to be referred to a specific Board for review, the Executive Committee can make that recommendation.

Executive Committee Members 

  • President- Eunice Peterson
  • Vice President- Bob Farmer
  • Executive Secretary-Kent Beck
  • Treasurer-Phil Cyr

The Church Council includes a representative from each Church Board as well as the members of the Executive Committee and additional staff members.  Church Council meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.,  beginning with devotions and prayer.  Each Board representative updates the Church Council as to the status of their many projects and activities.  Items of concern are discussed and those items needing the attention of the entire Church Council are addressed at this monthly meeting.  Roberts Rules of Order guide the discussion and decision making process.  Meetings are limited to two hours and end in unity with the Lord's Prayer.

Adult Faith Formation Board

Fellowship Board

Outward Ministry Board

Planning & Development Board

Property Board

Stewardship Board

Worship & Music Board

Youth Faith Formation Board

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